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内容摘要: QFII Favor Pharmaceuticals, Overweight Emerging Industries\u0026nbsp; On June 1st, the A-shares will be included in the MSCI Emerging Marke...

QFII Favor Pharmaceuticals, Overweight Emerging Industries

\u0026nbsp; On June 1st, the A-shares will be included in the MSCI Emerging Market Index, which is expected to attract a wave of overseas incremental funds to enter the market. What A-shares do you prefer for overseas funds? With the successive announcements of the 2017 annual report and the quarterly report of this year, the foreign shareholding represented by QFII is also clear. At present, QFII still prefers stocks with certain international competitiveness in medicine, chemicals, electronics and so on.

EPFR data show that since the A-shares adjustment in February this year, overseas institutions have added US$9.26 billion in A shares. Overseas funds have always been an important force for incremental allocation of A shares. Overseas funds hold domestic shares as a percentage of liquidity, which has risen from 1.6% to 2.7% in 2017. CITIC Securities It is expected to rise to 3.5% by the end of 2018. .

CICC believe that overseas investors recognize the long-term value of stocks in this position. MSCI will include A shares soon, and some overseas active-type foundations will be laid out in advance.

According to statistics, QFII appeared in the top ten circulating shareholders of a total of 166 listed companies from the published annual report. From the perspective of industry distribution, emerging industries such as biomedicine are favored by QFII.

According to statistics, of the 166 listed companies, 47 were new QFIIs in the fourth quarter of last year. From the perspective of the number of shares held, the top one is CITIC Bank , and among the top ten circulating shareholders, QFII newly entered 3691.12 shares with a shareholding ratio of 0.12%. In addition, QFII in the fourth quarter of last year and the number of shares in the new entrants million level as well Salt Lake Huaneng Power shares , , Hisense Electric , World Technology , LaSalle Bank , sea Benefits , Suizhong Energy , Wanliyang and other companies.

stake from the point of view, still product delivery , innovation shares , associated equipment was among the top three. Among them, there are three QFIIs among the top ten circulating shareholders in the annual report of Shang Pinting, with a total of 3,275,400 shares held, with a shareholding ratio of 12.13%; two new QFIIs for innovative shares, holding a total of 2.5233 million shares. More than 4%.

From the perspective of the industry, QFII shares are distributed in the fields of biomedicine, chemical engineering, building materials, machinery and equipment, and transportation. Among them, there are 17 stocks each held by QFII in the bio-pharmaceuticals and 7_89456_85 chemical industry . Many of these QFII coded areas are strategic emerging industries.

In the quarterly report that has been announced, QFIIs appear in the list of top ten tradable shareholders of 68 companies. Among them, profit-environment , Cangzhou Mingzhu , North New Road and Bridge , Glodon , Hytera , perfect world , Eston , now Fei Kaida , surplus Technology 7_89456_12456_65473_9, West China Securities , Const , 7_89456_133_6 5473_9 shares , Weihong Yan Tian Xi Ling information technology , , Ed biological , Granville shares , Yang agricultural chemicals , three trees and other 21 stocks is New QFII stock . Nader , Baotaigufen , Angel Yeast , was associated equipment, Lier Chemical , Cangzhou Mingzhu, Baiyun Airport , Luyang saving , Bunny , Hanwang Technology , Anyang Iron and Steel , Op lighting , Cogo shares 7_89456_203_6 5473_9, Hua Lu Hengsheng, Huace Film and Television , etc. QFII increase.

The five stocks with the highest percentage of QFII holdings in the quarterly quarter were Aide Bio, Shang Pinjia, Supor , Hainengda, Liandai Equipment. From the perspective of the stock market value, Hikvision is the stock with the highest QFII holding stock market value in the company that has disclosed a quarterly report. Han's Laser , Supor, Baiyun Airport, Hytera, still product delivery, Angel Yeast, GoerTek shares, Tasly Pharmaceutical , province , TU Media Group 50-50 are in the market value of 300 million Yuan above.

Some analysts believe that QFII value the value of stock investment, prefer blue chip stocks, investment behavior is biased towards asset allocation, and most of the stocks bought are Chinese-only or globally competitive industries. (Qianjiang Evening News)

Favorite Tencent increased its holdings of the Bank of China and is optimistic about the Hong Kong stock market outlook

\u0026nbsp; The company achieved remarkable results in 2017, but after entering 2018, the Hong Kong stock market began to adjust back. However, this did not stop the enthusiasm of the Shanghai-Hong Kong-Shenzhen Fund.

According to statistics from the Daily Economic News, as of April 22, some popular funds were heavily held, such as ICBC H shares, , Tencent Holdings , etc., were increased by the Shanghai, Hong Kong and Shenzhen Funds. In addition, the Shanghai-Hong Kong-Shenzhen Fund’s coverage of Hong Kong stocks is also expanding.

Tencent is still the fund's favorite

Tencent Holdings as a Hong Kong stock's "king of shares", not only the Hang Seng Index largest weight stocks, but also the largest Hong Kong stock market capitalization, has been highly favored by the Shanghai-Hong Kong-Shenzhen fund. From the perspective of the first quarter of the fund, Tencent Holdings is still the most publicly held fund stocks (holding the stock market value and holding the first base gold number).

As of the end of March, there were a total of 53 funds holding 12,509,900 shares of Tencent, and the number of holdings in the first quarter of this year was 3.5665 million shares, an increase of 39.9% from the previous quarter. It is worth noting that this is still in the context of Tencent Holdings' slight increase of 0.89% in the first quarter of this year. The bull market's "callback is a buying opportunity." In Tencent Holdings' fund holdings in the first quarter of this year, its performance was most vividly demonstrated.

Daily Economic News reporter discovered in the quarterly report of the fund that the Shanghai-Hong Kong-Shenzhen Fund, which holds the largest number of Tencent Holdings, is a deep blue-chip fund of Qianhai Open-source Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Exchange. It holds a total of 1.14 million shares, and it also added 308,400 positions in the first quarter. share. In addition, the largest purchase of Tencent Holdings in the first quarter was the growth of Huitian Fu Hong Kong Stock Exchange, which bought a total of 540,000 shares and bought it for the first time.

Increase in holdings of 307 million H shares of ICBC

Although the performance of the Hong Kong stock market in the first quarter of this year was not as bright as in 2017, this did not prevent the public funds from actively deploying them. "Daily Economic News" reporter noted that ICBC H shares is one of the focuses of the public fund allocation.

In the first quarter, public funds raised 307 million shares of ICBC’s H shares, compared with only 154 million shares held earlier, representing an increase of 199% from the previous quarter. Among them, Harvest Fund , Qianhai Open-end Fund, , Huitianfu Fund ranked in the forefront of this single stock holdings.

It should be noted that as of March 31, there are 13 Hong Kong stocks whose mutual fund shares are in double digits and are mainly concentrated in the financial, technology, pharmaceutical, and gaming industries, and 12 of them are funded by public funds. warehouse.

In addition, with the continuous advancement of the Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect and the Shenzhen-Hong Kong Stock Connect mechanism, the awareness of Hong Kong stocks by institutional investors from the Mainland is also deepening. In the first quarter of this year, many had raised funds do not cover stocks are purchased, many of them Hong Kong stocks Ushimata, such as Maple Leaf , Sunshine Pharmaceutical ,IGG and so on.

Fund manager: optimistic about Hong Kong stock market outlook

Although the Hong Kong stock market did not perform as well as the overall gains in 2017 in the first quarter, the Hang Seng index rose slightly in the first quarter, which was better than the A-share major market index, the US stock Dow Jones index and the S\u0026P 500 index.

For Hong Kong stocks in the second quarter, Hong Kong First Shanghai Securities pointed out that “although the global currency environment will be tight, the capital market will be subject to certain disturbances for a long time, but considering the stable development of the Chinese economy, Hong Kong stocks There is still room for improvement in the allocation demand and the valuation is relatively reasonable. We are cautiously optimistic about the performance of the HSI in the second quarter and even the second half of the year.”

In addition, the brokerage firm also pointed out that currently, the Hang Seng Index is equivalent to a prospective P/E ratio of 18.18 in 2018. Times, lower than the average 12.3 times earnings ratio in the past decade, Hang Seng HSCEI is equivalent to 20 times the expected price-earnings ratio of 1818 P/E, significantly lower than the average of 12.8 times in the past decade, still has a good safety margin.

Public fund managers are also more optimistic about Hong Kong stocks. China Merchants Fund Bai Haifeng, general manager and chief investment officer of International Business Department, told the reporter of “Daily Economic News”, “I am optimistic about the Hong Kong stock market. There is no doubt that the current allocation value of Tencent Holdings and ICBC H shares is better than last year and has long-term value. the investment value. "(daily News)

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Source: East Fortune Choice data , Galaxy Securities, deadline: 2018-04-24

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